Voice For Christ Ministries exists to provide Christian radio to Native and Rural Alaskans.
To do this, VFCM owns and operates the I AM Radio Network.

Prayer Partner - This is someone who is willing to pray for the people and ministry of VFCM on a regular basis. If you are willing to become a prayer partner, please let us know by sending us a message here.

Financial Partner - A person, group of people, organization, or church body who is willing to support VFCM by making regular fiscal contributions. To begin your financial partnership, click here.

One-Time Volunteer - A person who is able to serve by giving a specific amount of time (one day, one week, two months, etc.) once a year or less to serve in whatever capicity is needed. To become a one-time volunteer, fill out this form.

Work Team - This is a group of people with professional skills (such as construction, tower erecting, specialized engineering, etc.) that are able to assist VFCM in getting special projects completed. To apply to bring a work team to Alaska with VFCM, click here.

Regular Volunteer - This is someone who is willing to commit to a regular period of time (once a week, once a month, twice a year for one-month at a time, etc.) when he/she can come to one or more of the three radio stations (KIAM , KYKD , KAGV) and serve as a radio announcer, radio station secretary, etc. To inquire about becoming a regular volunteer, fill out this form.

Full-Time Staff - A person or family who is willing to move to one of the radio stations (KIAM , KYKD , KAGV) and commit to serving on the staff of VFCM. This person or family will be self-supporting by raising missionary support or having another means of income and is willing to answer God's call to provide Christian radio to Native and Rural Alaskans through the VFCM organization. This level of involvement requires an intensive screening process. To begin the process of joining our staff, click here.